Definitions for "New Beginning"
a chance to start over for Spyro the Dragon, a not-quite-mascot character who made his debut on the original PlayStation
a recap of the purple dragon's origin story
a very literal title in that Krome Studios is both reintroducing Spyro with a story revolving around his origin as well as reestablishing what gamers have come to expect from the Spyro
an intensive three-day weekend that dramatically changes your relationship with your spouse, regardless of what you feel for each other now
a pro-life conference which has been organized to both celebrate the natural conjugal act and to expose the harmful effects of contraception on family, marriage, Church and society at large
a three day weekend that lets the couple see there is hope and gives them practical ways to heal the relationship and turn their marriage around
a free, practical course in miracles
a practical Course in Miracles that is at once commercial, political, secular, social and spiritual
an album filled with energy and passion
a whopping double CD that contains over two and a half hours of club music
New Beginning is the fourth album by African American singer/songwriter Tracy Chapman, released in 1995 (see 1995 in music).
a strange anomaly with its sunburst verses, rapid-fire but scratchy guitar solos by Axel Ritt and a sneaky homage to Tchaikovsky in the middle
nB - Online sci-fi game. fast loading multi-browser compatible turn based game with anti cheating software pre-installed
a decent enough game but somehow lacks the spark I was hoping for
an AWESOME, FUN, FREE, browser-based game
a great place to start
a great vehicle to showcase the talent, and the message of Andrew Cornelius
a bit like buying a new car - no one wants to cause the first scratch or dent in the new car - and no one wants to make the first mistake that threatens a new relationship
a collection of the first seven issues by writers Keith Giffen (who also supplied some art breakdowns) and J
several of Genesis' posts are entitled with this name. Can be associated with January 1st (NEW YEAR), with the VERNAL EQUINOX.
a website created to help and support victims and indirect victims of child/sexual molestation
an event unlike any other ever held in Africa due to it's amazing energy and the principles that drive it
a non-religious program introducing Christ in relation not religion
an eight- to twelve-week residential treatment program for adults
an adoption resource center and registry
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