Definitions for "Neurotrophins"
Keywords:  bdnf, ngf, survival, neuron, trka
Definition: Neurotrophins are target-derived growth factors, many of which function as survival factors for nociceptors during embryonic development. In adult life, nerve growth factor (NGF) and its tyrosine kinase receptor trkA are crucial mediators of thermal hyperalgesia associated with peripheral inflammation. BDNF strongly potentiates nociceptive transmission at primary afferent-second order neuron synapses via its tyrosine kinase receptor, trkB. Activation of trkA or trkB leads to phosphorylation of intracellular signalling proteins on tyrosine residues, which influences their activation status.
a family of molecules that encourage survival of nervous system cells.
Molecules that are important in the development and maintenance of the nervous system. Neurotrophins, which promote axon regeneration almost like a nerve-cell fertilizer, include nerve-growth factor (NGF), NT-3, BDNF, and NT 4/5.