Definitions for "Neurosis"
a mental or emotional disorder that affects only part of the personality, and involves less distorted perceptions of reality than a psychosis. As used in medicine, anxiety is a prominent characteristic, and the condition may be accompanied by psychosomatic symptoms. Phobias and compulsive behavior are common varieties.
an emotional or mental disorder.
Classically a Freudian term referring to the conflict created within an individual between the primitive instinctual drives and external reality.
a psychic condition where patients earlier in life has encountered an unbearable psychic pain, which they were not able to process consciously
a symptom of suppressed psychic pain, which appears as unrelated or inappropriate symptoms
Neurosis is a highly influential experimental progressive sludge metal band, based out of Oakland, California, USA. Their unique sound draws from influences ranging from hardcore punk and sludge metal to dark ambient, industrial, and tribal music as well as incorporates elements of indie, folk music and crust punk.
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A term that is no longer used, however, was used to describe self-punishing and disruptive or aggressive behavior.
A functional nervous affection or disease, that is, a disease of the nerves without any appreciable change of nerve structure.
A nervous disease, especially a functional one.