Definitions for "neuron"
The brain and spinal cord; the cerebro-spinal axis; myelencephalon.
The characteristic specialized cell that is part of the nervous system, serving to conduct electrical impulses to and from the brain, and also between other parts of the body, and composed of a main cell body, the axon, with a varying number of processes of varying length, the dendrites; a nerve cell. The movement and behavior of higher animals depends on the signals tranmsitted by such nerve cells.
conducting cells of the nervous system which has many purposes such as sending impulses to the brain.
a logical element, which has one or several inputs and one output
a simple device for processing of input signals
a threshold activation device, whereas many nodes employ a threshold function, which scales the PE activation for output
This is a web-based school intranet system mainly written in PHP to connect the school, teachers, parents, students and alumni together.
a unit that processes incoming information and transmits a result to other units