Definitions for "networking"
Connecting and reaching out to your contacts and extending the list of people that you know. This may include attending seminars, conferences and social events.
Developing relationships with other individuals for the purpose of sharing ideas, providing support and unifying efforts.
Building and developing a group of contacts.
Attempt to connect with individuals in a similar area of work in order to engage in informal communication for mutual assistance or support.
Networking is a means of integration of research in Europe. The European Community promotes the networking and joint action of national and European frameworks for research and innovation. Networking is also an acitivity to improve the effectiveness of innovation systems. It depends on the intensity of interactions and exchanges between the players concerned. The purpose of n is to establish interfaces between research and industry and between business and funding.(DE:Vernetzung, FR:Réseautage, IT:Networking )
Activity by which professionals in the same area of work interact or engage in informal communication for mutual assistance or support.
A group of people working together for a common goal.(one to the other, with one another, working) (to another, referring him/her there, working)
the practice of meeting other people involved in the same kind of work, to share information and support each other
Patterned ways that people interact with others in play or work and in interpersonal and group relationships.
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See Exponential interview.
Interchanging information or services, among a group; -- of persons or organizations.
A network is a group of organizations which cooperates or shares resources and activities in order to improve their profitability and their competitiveness within the framework of one or several projects. It is based above all on the confidence between the partners.
This is the inter- or intra-exchange of services or information between different individuals, groups, companies, or institutions.
Expanding one's social network or sphere of influence by initiating mutually advantageous new relationships with people.
the process of creating, expanding and maintaining relationships with other agencies.
Developing a significant Number of relationships for the purpose of supporting one other in achieving your group and personal goals. The word "networking" has also been widely adopted by the network marketing industry to refer specifically to the practice of network marketing. For example, one of the most popular magazines in the network marketing industry is titled "Networking Times."
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efforts made by waiting parents to make birth parents aware of their desire to adopt.
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a chinese company
Integrated information supply in the production process for the textile industry.
Developing organizational networks for collective action.
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The use of a computer plus a MODEM link to obtain access to remotely held databases.
Creation of single online access points for electronic information that is created or held in more than one location
Getting to know other participants and learning from them.
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