Definitions for "Netscape"
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Originally a software company offering its own proprietary web browser, Netscape Navigator. Netscape was later purchased by America Online which then merged with Time Warner to form AOL Time Warner. Netscape now runs its own web portal and still offers its Netscape web browser. The Netscape Network includes TIME, LIFE Magazine, FORTUNE, MapQuest, Moviefone and others. Back to previous
One of the popular navigators of the Internet.
Officially called Netscape communications corporation; it produces a web browser and tools for building intranets.
is a software product which allows users to search for and display documents distributed across the Internet.
A company that played a major role in creating worldwide enthusiasm for the Internet.
Your car on the superhighway. Its a computer program.
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a member of the consortium
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a set of HTML that is displayed, hidden, moved, and altered in various ways
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