Definitions for "NET TONNAGE"
Net tonnage measures volume of airspace. Like deadweight tonnage, it is used to rate a ship's cargo carrying capacity. To determine NT, the cubic footage of all non-cargo spaces - crew accommodations, machinery and navigation areas, the engine room, and the fuel and water tanks - are measured. This measurement is divided by 100 to convert it to net tons. This figure is then subtracted from the gross tonnage figure. The result is net tons of cargo carrying capacity in cubic measure. See also gross tonnage.
The measure of the useful capacity of a vessel determined in accordance with the provisions of the international convention on tonnage measurement of vessels.
A vessel's gross tonnage minus deduction for space occupied by accommodations for crew, machinery for navigation, the engine room, and fuel. A vessel's net tonnage represents the space available for the accommodation of passengers and the stowage of cargo. A ton of cargo, in most instances, occupies less than 100 cubic feet. The tonnage of cargo carried is usually greater than the gross tonnage.