Definitions for "Net Pay"
The amount from an employee's check minus the taxes and deductions, such as Social Security. You can designate direct deposit into your share or checking account from the net pay on your check.
Gross pay less payroll deductions; the amount the employer is obligated to pay the employee.
Gross wages or gross salaries minus withholdings for payroll taxes and other items such as insurance, union dues, United Way, etc. Also referred to as "take home pay" or the amount the employee "cleared." To learn more, see Explanation of Payroll Accounting To Top
Refers to the sum of the productive intervals of a reservoir and is determined by the application of cutoffs.
The cumulative thickness of porous and permeable reservoir beds within an overall hydrocarbon column in a structure.
the aggregate thickness of only those parts of the reservoir which contain and produce hydrocarbons.
NetPay is an online payment system and a form of electronic money. The company was founded in 2001, and vis a vis its American business, it operates as an offshore company incorporated in Panama.