Definitions for "Neshamah"
soul; usually refers to the divine soul. But all things are said to have a soul, which is the creative and preserving divine force. Neshamah is the highest of three categories comprising the human soul.
The Spiritual Soul: One must distinguish the difference between the Astral Body and the Lunar Bodies. The lunar bodies move during the night, and after death. Conventionally, these bodies have been called Astral Body, but they are not the Legitimate Astral Body. Whosoever wants to have the luxury of having the Legitimate Astral Body must perform the work of the Maithuna where the H-TI-12 is built (H = Hydrogen, TI = musical note, 12 = 12 Laws). The H-TI-12 vibrates in our organism with the musical scale and crystallizes in the Solar Astral Body if the practice is intense. The fraction (Buddhata) of the soul (Neshamah) that is trapped within the previously mentioned principles is submitted to very difficult ordeals. After triumphing, the Initiate ascends to the causal world to have a meeting with Sanat Kumara, a venerable Elder mentioned in very ancient religions. He is one of the four Thrones that the Bible speaks of.
(a) soul; (b) the third (in ascending order) of the five levels of the soul (cf. Bereishis Rabbah 14:9)