Definitions for "nerve"
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One of the whitish and elastic bundles of fibers, with the accompanying tissues, which transmit nervous impulses between nerve centers and various parts of the animal body.
A sinew or a tendon.
One of the principal fibrovascular bundles or ribs of a leaf, especially when these extend straight from the base or the midrib of the leaf.
Physical force or steadiness; muscular power and control; constitutional vigor.
Steadiness and firmness of mind; self-command in personal danger, or under suffering; unshaken courage and endurance; coolness; pluck; resolution.
To give strength or vigor to; to supply with force; as, fear nerved his arm.
One of the nervures, or veins, in the wings of insects.
the most prominent vein of a leaf
the usually conspicuous nerves of a leaf.
Nerve is an American online magazine dedicated to sex, relationships and culture. Founded by Rufus Griscom and Genevieve Field, it publishes articles, fiction and photography devoted to sex and relationships, and interviews and criticism regarding film, music, books and television. It also hosts blogs, forums, and a section for personal advertisements.
Nerve is a free magazine published by Catalyst Media (formerly Catalyst Creative Media) in Liverpool, North West England. Combining features on social issues with artist profiles, it runs to 32 pages and is published about three times a year. The magazine has a broadly anti-capitalist stance, and this has led to on-going criticism of both Liverpool's European Capital of Culture status and advance planning for the 2008 event.
"Nerve" is the nineteenth episode of the television program Farscape from the first season, written by Richard Manning and directed by Rowan Woods.
In category theory, the nerve N(C) of a small category C is a simplicial set constructed from the objects and morphisms of C. The geometric realization of this simplicial set is a topological space, called the classifying space of the category C. These closely related objects can provide information about some familiar and useful categories using algebraic topology, most often homotopy theory.
The elastic resistance of unvulcanized rubber or rubber compounds to permanent defor- mation during processing.
the toughness and elastic resistance to deformation of compound during processing
impudent aggressiveness; "I couldn't believe her boldness"; "he had the effrontery to question my honesty"
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Audacity; assurance.
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(L. nervus, from Sanskrit nauree, strings).
a specialized cell that communicates from one area of the metacellular to another
a specialized cell type that converts the action of messenger chemicals into electrical activity and re-converts it in chemicals at the synapses
a cell which carries information to and from the central nervous system.
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get ready for something difficult or unpleasant