Definitions for "Neotype"
a specimen or illustration selected to serve in place of a holotype, where all of the material on which the name was originally based is missing or destroyed; isoneotype: a duplicate of the neotype. cf. type.
A specimen or other element selected to serve as nomenclatural type as long as all of the material on which the name of the taxon was based is missing (ICBN Art. 7). Comment: One of the type categories designated by a later author. Although no rule requires a monographer to typify all legitimate names within the monographed group, the ICBN implies such responsibility by its repetition (Principle II, Art. 7, Art. 37, etc.) that typification is a cornerstone to assignment of names. The "Guide for the Determination of Types" (old ICBNs) implicitly emphasized the neotypification process. In the absence of an explicit holotype (viz. HOLOTYPE), it would seem wise to seek an implicit holotype before designating a neotype from specimens of holotype candidacy. All candidates for lectotypification should likewise be exhausted before neotypification is considered.
a specimen or illustration (see Art