Definitions for "neighbourhood"
Same as neighbor, neighboring, neighborhood, neighborly.
This defines the voxels to be involved in a processing operation. C_Images 3D(tm) allows the extent of the neighbourhood to be defined independently in the x, y, and z directions.
Neighborhood. A neighbourhood of a point ''x'' is a set containing an open set which in turn contains the point ''x''. More generally, a neighbourhood of a set ''S'' is a set containing an open set which in turn contains the set ''S''. A neighbourhood of a point ''x'' is thus a neighbourhood of the singleton set {''x''}. (Note that under this definition, the neighbourhood itself need not be open. Many authors require that neighbourhoods be open; be careful to note conventions.)
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Neighbourhood is the second solo album released by talented session drummer Manu Katché. While his first offering, It's About Time, was considered a rock/funk album, Neighbourhood is solid jazz. Katché composed all of the music on the album.
Keywords:  catchment, shops, parade, street, pub
a subtle unit of infinite variety, commonly based on a street or a collection of streets, a housing estate (public or private), or a catchment area round a pub, a small parade of shops, a school, a community centre or church
An area of a municipality which is identifiable by a common use, a common atmosphere or a common business area.
A district or locality characterized by similar or compatible land uses, often with a major street for shopping or restaurants.