Definitions for "Negus"
Keywords:  colonel, nutmeg, lemon, spices, juice
A beverage made of wine, water, sugar, nutmeg, and lemon juice; -- so called, it is said, from its first maker, Colonel Negus.
A hot, sweet drink, with or without spices. Port or sherry traditional. Named after colonel Francis Negus, an eighteenth-century English luminary.
wine and hot water with sugar and lemon juice and nutmeg
Keywords:  eritrea, ge'ez, axum, tigrinya, amharic
title of the king of Axum.
Negus (Ge'ez , , Amharic ; cf. Tigrinya ) is a title in Ge'ez, Tigrinya, Tigre and Amharic, used for a King and at times also a vassal ruler in pre-1974 Ethiopia and pre-1890 Eritrea. It is subsequently used to translate the word "king" in Biblical and other literature.