Definitions for "Negotiation"
The act of discussing an issue between two or more parties with competing interests with an aim of coming to an agreement.
discussion; bargaining to reach an agreement.
"The process of working out an agreement by direct communication."
a) The process of arriving at payment terms for draft credits that have been agreed to by the issuing bank. The credit may be confirmed, i.e. without recourse to the beneficiary or unconfirmed, i.e. with recourse to the beneficiary. b) Purchase of an outward collection, thereby providing finance for the exporter.
The giving of value for a draft or documents which, under the credit terms, the issuing bank has undertaken to pay.
Purchase of drafts under a documentary credit which the issuing bank has undertaken to pay.
The transaction of business between nations; the mutual intercourse of governments by diplomatic agents, in making treaties, composing difference, etc.; as, the negotiations at Ghent.
Tweet! Squawk! SCREEEECH! That racket your modem makes when you go online is negotiation. Your modem is "talking with" the modem at the other end of the line, figuring out how fast each modem can go and how it wants to handle those bit and bytes. Once they've figured that out, your modem is ready to move the information going to and from the Internet. (The sound you hear is the steady burst of static just before everything quiets down.) An experienced Net user can tell how negotiations are going from the sound of the squeaks, creaks and shrieks; some people can even tell how fast the connection will be
Just as diplomats negotiate terms of a settlement or treaty, so computers running Internet Protocols negotiate with other computers running IP. These negotiations allow the computers to make sure they are communicating at the same speed, with the same processes, and that the information they exchange will be packaged in ways that each can properly direct the data to the intended destination. This process is also called handshaking, particularly when speaking of modems connecting to one another. WWWebfx Home Page
In symbolic interactionism, the act of mutually creating meaning with others in interaction, resulting in an interpretation of the interaction or event by each actor.
a dialogue between two or more people in order to arrive at an agreement that meets the needs of those involved without sacrificing anyone's priorities.
A subscriber ICE implementation may negotiate to arrive at mutually agreeable delivery methods and schedules.
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The act or process of negotiating; a treating with another respecting sale or purchase. etc.
A two-phase process by which an initiating key server communicates with a responding key server. If the negotiations are successful, the key servers establish a dynamic Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection that is between the two agreed-on endpoints. This approach, which is directed by the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocols, maintains the secrecy of your keys.
an interactive communication process that may take place whenever we want something from someone else or another person wants something from us
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with the variety of activities that come under the rubric of BDSM, the huge variation in individuals' limits and the importance of consent, a good deal of open, honest negotiation before a scene is vital.
The process of deciding in advance what activities are going to be involved in a particular scene.
"Negotiation" is expected to be the fifteenth episode in the situation comedy series 30 Rock. It is currently scheduled to air on February 22, 2007.
The procedure of aiming to find a trade-off between the demand pattern and the RATs offers in terms of QoS and cost, so as to select the appropriate reconfiguration pattern.
Buying or selling Bills of Exchange or shipping documents.
The giving of value for (purchasing of) Bills of Exchange and/or documents.
The "face to face" process used by local unions and the employer to exchange their views on those matters involving personnel policies and practices, or other matters affecting the working conditions of employees in the unit and reduced to a written bindi
Hence, mercantile business; trading.
arbitration, mediation methods of sorting out disagreements
Nonparametric Tests Numeric Selection Model
an inadequate vehicle for handling the new politics of trade
An agent can handle all price and contract negotiations.
Requests for proposals are sometimes used as a starting point for negotiations to establish a contract. RFPs generally include more than just price considerations. This method is especially applicable when dealing with a single source manufacturer.
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an extra burden for an already tough job
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When a buyer makes an offer, the real work begins. Your Realtor® will help you negotiate price, terms and conditions with the buyer.
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We have to conduct negotiations with him for the new business.
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See Requirements Negotiation.