Definitions for "necklace"
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A string of beads, etc., or any continuous band or chain, worn around the neck as an ornament.
A rope or chain fitted around the masthead to hold hanging blocks for jibs and stays.
A cord or chain (often bearing gems) worn around the neck.
an erotic symbol which indicates unmet sexual needs, desire to have more power and influence on others
A necklace indicates that loving ties or family relationships will affect your future considerably.
If you dream of losing a necklace you will soon be suffering bereavement of a loved one. If you dream your loved one places a necklace around your neck or that you are wearing one, it shows an early marriage and a happy domestic life.
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Neckro Necktie
Distinct tabby markings in the neck area. May be broken or unbroken.
Darker markings encircling the neck.
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Bandings of colour across the lower neck and chest area, as if the cat is wearing a necklace.
Band of dark colour round base of neck.
A term referring to the bandings of color across the lower neck and chest area which give the appearance of a necklace.
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a wonderful gift to give the woman in your life
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