Definitions for "Necessary"
Such as must be; impossible to be otherwise; not to be avoided; inevitable.
Impossible to be otherwise, or to be dispensed with, without preventing the attainment of a desired result; indispensable; requisite; essential.
A thing that is necessary or indispensable to some purpose; something that one can not do without; a requisite; an essential; -- used chiefly in the plural; as, the necessaries of life.
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This is a common word used in a peculiar way by medical insurance companies and which results in great confusion. When an insurance company uses the word “necessary” they indicate that they are willing to pay. If they say “not necessary” they mean that they will not pay. It has nothing to do with a patient's need for a treatment. For example, an insurance denial form may use the abbreviation, “MED PROC NOT NEC” to indicate that they have decided that the procedure is “not necessary” for the patient, and that they do not wish to pay for any charges.
a rather strong word
(1) In logic, any statement whose denial would involve a contradiction. (2) In ontology, the quality of a being that is eternal and needs nothing else to exist or continue to exist.
The little blue porta-potties/outhouses/chemical toilets found at reenactments. "The necessary" was actually a period term for outhouse. Also called Comfort Station, Hooters, Irish Shanty, Officer's Quarters, and Our Lady of the Blue Waters.
"NECESSARY" was the tenth single by the Japanese j-pop group Every Little Thing, released on September 30, 1998.
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a fake tombstone
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The Pernese term for bathroom.
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A privy; a water-closet.
unavoidably determined by prior circumstances; "the necessary consequences of one's actions"
Acting from necessity or compulsion; involuntary; -- opposed to free; as, whether man is a necessary or a free agent is a question much discussed.
An expense that is appropriate and helpful in furthering the taxpayer's business or income-producing activity. See also Ordinary defined elsewhere in this glossary.