Definitions for "Near-Death Experience"
Keywords:  nde, brink, tunnel, revived, phenomenon
An experience where a person either comes close to death, or actually dies, and then returns to the body. Many people who have gone through this report hearing and seeing things in the room while they were supposedly dead - and in some cases they actually had been declared brain-dead before they returned to their bodies. Others report etheric spiritual experiences such as passing through a tunnel of light and being greeted by dead friends, relatives, or pets, or by angels or spiritual leaders such as Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, or the Buddha. Though most so-called scientists dismiss such experiences as the last gasp of a dying brain, some impressive experiments strongly indicate that near-death experiences, or NDE's, are real. See IBody Mind Spirit by Charles T. Tart, MD.
this refers to experiences that people have reported whilst in a state of near death. This is normally when in a crisis such as being involved in an accident or whilst on the operating table. (recommended reading - Closer to the light - Melvin Morse MD ISBN 0-394-57944-5)
Experiences of persons after they have been pronounced clinically dead or have been very close to death. Typical features of NDE are an "OBE", "life review", the sensation of moving though a tunnel, light, coming to or crossing the boundary separating life from death, sightings of deceased friends and relatives, experiencing a loving or divine presence, and/or being offered a choice to return to life. In some instances, frightening or disturbing NDEs have been reported, in which subjects claim to have crossed into darkness or Hell itself. NDEs normally leave a profound impact on the experiencers which are regarded as life changing in nature. See also "cerebral anoxia" and "survival".
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