Definitions for "Near Miss"
An event or situation that could have resulted in an accident, injury or illness, but did not, either by chance or through timely intervention. (definition courtesy the Quality Interagency Coordination Task Force)
An occurrence during work activities that did not result in an incident or accident, but is recognized by workers and management as having the potential to result in an incident or accident under other circumstances.
an accidental collision that is narrowly avoided
A difference in understanding of the intended procedure or site occurring between members of the operative/procedural team, patient, and/or family member that is corrected before the procedure occurs. Operating provider. As used in this circular, includes the individual performing the surgery/procedure, regardless of the setting. Examples of operating providers include but are not limited to surgeons, podiatrists, intensivists, emergency physicians, radiologists, advanced nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.
a frequent phenomenon with gamblers
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