Definitions for "Navigator"
Position in each mobile unit charged with the responsibility to monitor the mobile unit's exact location on a map.
The crew member who monitors the yacht's location and progress relative to the racecourse and the opposing yacht.
The crewmember who monitors the yacht's location and progress relative to the racecourse and the other yachts.
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One who navigates or sails; esp., one who direct the course of a ship, or one who is skillful in the art of navigation; also, a book which teaches the art of navigation; as, Bowditch's Navigator.
a person who navigates, to steer or direct an aircraft
The officer on a ship in charge of guiding the ship from one place to the next.
Netscape Navigator. Formerly the name of Netscape’s web browser software, since renamed Netscape.
Navigator is the Web browsing component of Netscape Communicator.
Netscape internet browser
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Navigator is the debut album of Forma Tadre, a German musical project that can best be described as electronic body music but has also been categorized as Industrial or Ambient.
Navigator is an album released in 2002 by New Zealand hip-hop artist, Che Fu.
Simulation and scenario modelling tool, based on Polestar, which takes current operational data and applies trending techniques to calculate future cost-benefit scenarios, such as outsourcing, insourcing, consolidation, and architecture migration.
Model name for the Teledyne RDI Doppler Velocity Log.
a desktop application which contains questions dealing with every aspect of each HIPAA standard, calculates compliance scores, generates action items, and provides a set by step approach to compliance
a HIPAA planning, assessment, implementation, and reference tool
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a fully-featured, in-car satellite navigation system from the AA with full UK
a fully-featured in-car satellite navigation system with AA-recommended routes
a fully-functional in- car satellite navigation system from the UK's largest motoring organisation
a construct that enables filtering and grouping of search results
PeopleSoft functionality that enables its customers to preprogram a business process so that a user can automatically move through the sequential steps of the process when using PeopleSoft. See Workflow.
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The component of an Interchange that chooses (navigates) the best connection path over a TNS network. In order to navigate, the Navigator refers to the file TNSNET.ORA.
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A software program that allows one to browse easily through program services.
allows you to specify your home page, set the language, specify the helper applications (plug-ins), and smart browsing which allows you to configure browsing aids.
The project Navigator aims at supporting automated gathering of dynamic information from third party web sites, using their web interface to post queries and to gather replies. Navigator is written in OS-independent java language.
a collection of questions and activities intended to support group or independent study of a selected novel or picture book
A navigator is a resident application, typically provided by the manufacturer, that the end user can activate at any time. The navigator can be used to select services, applications, and initiate interoperable applications.
The navigator, or five-way navigator, consists of the two large, concentric buttons in the middle of the lower part of many Palm devices. Press the edges to move up, down, right, or left, and the center button to select items. The navigator works differently in different applications, but it's usually an easy way to operate the device with one hand.
User friendly, multi-directional keys allow for quick and easy access to all functions.
a very interesting advance in the direction of design planning
Provides a tree list of all the objects in a network, providing a direct view of objects such as user-defined groups, nodes, listeners, names servers, and databases, plus the objects that they contain.
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a unique monthly data report showing fund flows, country flows, country weightings and sector allocations for various equity funds that invest in emerging Europe, Middle East, Africa
a table used to index or Navigate segments of a vector, or segments of a dimension of a higher-dimensional array
In the Enterprise Access Builder, a command composed out of other commands that forms a more complex interaction (navigation) with a host system. You construct these complex interactions by interconnecting commands by means of the Visual Composition Editor. See command.
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a brand new GPS system from a UK company you can trust
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a great first attempt from the AA