Definitions for "NATURAL LAW"
Keywords:  ought, moral, stoic, ethics, deduce
Naturally occurring principles of existence which regulate the manner in which manifestation occurs. Those parameters of Nature/God which channel material existence in universally consistent ways to facilitate evolution. The Will of God as the determiner for the ways and means of creation, in which consciousness is expanded.
the eternal law that governs the entire universe, instituted by God, present in humans, and which should be the basis on which human society rests. Humans can deduce what natural law is through their reasoning power, and their innate moral sense of what is right. Theorizing about natural law and its application in society goes back to Plato and Aristotle. Natural law is contrasted to statute law, which are those laws that are enacted by human authority.
law that exists outside human action or volition, according to an abstract idea of consistency with nature
a description, not a prescription
a description of a pattern or relationship in experimental data an explanation that has been proved a tentative explanation for a natural phenomenon obeyed under any circumstances
Keywords:  necessity, imposed, entity
a necessity imposed on an entity by the entity's nature
a statement that expresses generally observed behavior
a formulation or generalization based on observed phenomena or consistent experience ()
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a legal concept