Definitions for "Native Resolution"
Keywords:  crt, lco, nano, lcd, dlp
The optimal preset resolution for a flat panel monitor. It is not advised to change the setting of a flat panel monitor out of native resolution.
The level of detail at which your set was designed to present images. Displays scale up smaller images and scale down larger ones to fit into the area of the native resolution. It's the same effect as losing clarity and sharpness when you enlarge a small image in Photoshop or see digital artifacts after shrinking an image to view on your iPod nano. Wired Tools 2005 Intro Phones Screens Toys Audio 30 Under $30 Cameras Sports Video Home Games Toys
Native resolution is the actual number of plasma cells that can be illuminated at once, and it's the very first thing you should check when shopping for a plasma display. In order to enjoy high-definition programming, your TV must have a minimum native resolution of 720p. (Pioneer PureVision plasmas actually exceed high-definition standards with 768p native resolution.)