Definitions for "Nationalist Party"
The Nationalist Party (PN, Maltese: Partit Nazzjonalista) is a Maltese political party. It was founded by Dr Fortunato Mizzi in 1880 as the Anti-Reform Party, opposing taxation decreed by the British colonial authorities and measures to Anglicise the educational and the judicial systems. The presence of Italian refugees from the Risorgimento gave the party a liberal constitutionalist character (which caused friction between Mizzi and the Church in the Party's early days) and a pro-Italian stance which lasted until the Second World War.
The Nationalist Party was a term commonly used to describe a number of parliamentary political parties and constituency organisations supportive of Home Rule for Ireland from 1874 to 1922. It was also the name of the main Irish nationalist party in Northern Ireland from 1921 to 1978.
Nationalist Party (in French: Parti Nationaliste), generally referred to as PANA, was an Ivorian opposition group, founded in Abidjan in 1967. It was led by Kraghé Gnagbé. PANA was immediately suppressed by the regime and Gnagbé arrested.