Definitions for "National Unity Party"
The National Unity Party (in Albanian: Partia e Unitetit KombÄ—tar) is a political party in Albania. Ahead of the 2005 parliamentary elections, PUK formed a coalition together with three other parties grouped in the "Parties of the Social Spectrum of Albania". The coalition contested the elections as Parties of the Social Spectrum of Albania - National Unity Party (PSSSH-PUK).
The National Unity Party (French: Parti de l'Unité Nationale) is a political party in the Central African Republic. At the last elections, 13 March and 8 May 2005, its candidate Jean-Paul Ngoupandé won 5.1 % of the vote. The party itself didn't win any seat in the National Assembly.
The National Unity Party is a conservative party in Northern Cyprus and was founded by Rauf R. DenktaÅŸ on October 11, 1975. The party had stayed in power from its creation until the 2003 elections with the exception of the period from 1994–1996.