Definitions for "National Front"
The National Front (French: Le Front National, Dutch: Nationaal Front) is a small Belgian nationalist political party supportive of francophone issues. The party's leader is Daniel Féret.
The party of the Albanian National Front (Albanian: Partia Balli Kombëtar Shqiptar) is a nationalist political party in Albania. In the 2001 elections it was part of the Union for Victory (Bashkimi për Fitoren) coalition which received 37.1% of the vote and 46 members of parliament.
The National Front (in Czech: Národní fronta, in Slovak: Národný front) was a (permanent) coalition (or rather group) of parties – since 1948 also of various associations and mass organisations – from 1945 to 1990 in Czechoslovakia. During the Communist era in Czechoslovakia (1948 – 1989), the existence of the National Front enabled the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia to maintain the fiction of political pluralism and at the same time to control the participating parties and mass organisations. Similar "coalitions" with identical names (in the German Democratic Republic) or similar names (in Poland, Bulgaria, Vietnam) existed in other Communist states.