Definitions for "National Democratic Party"
Keywords:  democrats, ndp, won, political, reform
The National Democratic Party (French: Parti National Démocratique) is a political party in Djibouti. At the last legislative elections, 10 January 2003, the party was part of the Union for a Presidential Majority (Union pour la Majorité Présidentielle), that won 62.7 % of the popular vote and all seats.
The National Democratic Party (Dutch: Nationaal Democratische Partij) is the main opposition party in Suriname. It was founded in 1987 shortly before the downfall of military dictator Dési Bouterse. Former President Jules Wijdenbosch was a member of the NDP; however, an allegedly reformed Bouterse is still the dominant figure and has a moderate degree of popular support.
The National Democratic Party (Arabic:الحزب الوطنى الديمقراطى) was established in 1978 by late president Anwar Sadat who headed the party till 1981. After Sadat's assassination, the party has been chaired by President Hosni Mubarak and is the current ruling political party in Egypt.