Definitions for "Nasal "
Keywords:  helmet, nose, nasus, velum, vowel
Of or pertaining to the nose.
Having a quality imparted by means of the nose; and specifically, made by lowering the soft palate, in some cases with closure of the oral passage, the voice thus issuing (wholly or partially) through the nose, as in the consonants m, n, ng (see Guide to Pronunciation, §§ 20, 208); characterized by resonance in the nasal passage; as, a nasal vowel; a nasal utterance.
An elementary sound which is uttered through the nose, or through both the nose and the mouth simultaneously.
One of the nasal bones.
the anteriormost pair of middorsal bones forming the roof of the nasal passage
bone of the skull located immediately posterior to the premaxilla
Keywords:  unwieldy, oop, embed, ansi, syntax
Nasal is a small, simple, yet full-featured language designed as extension language in situations where larger languages are simply to large or unwieldy to embed. It supports OOP syntax and functional programming, works on the traditional data realm of strings, vectors, and hashes, and does it all in less than 100k of ANSI C.
Keywords:  nezl, ipa, row, general
ˈnezl̩] -1) general, 2) IPA row
Keywords:  nares, lizards, snakes, scales, head
scales on the sides of the head in lizards and snakes in which the openings of the nares may be found