Definitions for "NAS "
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In a nutshell, the Network Audio System is the audio equivalent of an X display server. It was developed by NCD for playing, recording, and manipulating audio data over a network. Like the X Window System, it uses the client/server model to separate applications from the specific drivers that control audio input and output devices.
Network Access Service. A connection or line that provides customers with access to the public-switched telephone network.
network access server (gateway)
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National Awareness Seminar. The Convention emphasizes the need for public awareness raising and full participation of all interested stakeholders in the process of elaboration of National Action Programmes. In this framework, national seminars can be organized with a view to encourage widespread participation in the development and implementation of National Action Programmes by the public and the private sectors, local communities, non-governmental organisations, etc.
National Acceptance Scheme for construction products in contact with drinking water
National Aerospace Standards (USA)
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aval ir tation
Non-traceable author statement: Database entries that do not cite a paper [e.g. SwissProt records, YPD protein reports]; Statements in papers [abstract, introduction, or discussion] that a curator cannot trace to another publication
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nonaccess stratum
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Pl. - see insan.
neonatal abstinence syndrome. a term for a group of problems a baby experiences when withdrawing from drug use by the mother during pregnancy.
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New Apprenticeship Scheme
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An acronym for Non Asbestos Synthetic
Non Agreement Sector. See PMS.
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Naval Air Station
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The Nasdaq market
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sodium sulfur
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nasal cavity
new active substance (UK)
New Active Substance - a new chemical or new biological substance
Naturalization Assistance Service, Inc.
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Need Analysis Servicer or Need Analysis System.
Was not.
Has not.