Definitions for "Narcissus"
A genus of endogenous bulbous plants with handsome flowers, having a cup-shaped crown within the six-lobed perianth, and comprising the daffodils and jonquils of several kinds.
A beautiful youth fabled to have been enamored of his own image as seen in a fountain, and to have been changed into the flower called Narcissus.
the heraldic form of this flower is practically a sexfoil. Gules, three narcissuses argent pierced of the field--LAMBART, Earl Cavan. Vert, a fesse vairy argent and erminois between three narcissus flowers of the second--WHITE, Hursley, co. Northampton, 1750.
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(Greek mythology) a beautiful young man who fell in love with his own reflection
A defect in infrared systems that appears as a dark circular area on a displayed image, caused by radiation reflecting into a detector. It can be reduced by low-reflective coatings or by altering the lens surface. Learn more about Narcissus...
a beautiful young man from Greek mythology, who fell in love with his reflection in a pond and drowned trying to embrace it. From this myth, the word narcissist evolved for “someone in love with themselves.” [ Small Concert
Narcissus is a painting by the Italian Baroque master Caravaggio, circa 1597-1599. It is housed in the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica in Rome.
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Narcissus is a 1983 Canadian short musical and experimental film directed by Norman Mc Laren and produced by David Verrall, visualizing the legend of Narcissus in a modern way. It was McLaren's last film for the National Film Board of Canada.
To see them growing in a garden, is a happy omen for the future. To see them indoors or in pots is a warning against vanity and over confidence.
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Egotism, Formality, Stay as Sweet as You Are
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