Definitions for "Nappe"
The jet formed by the flow over a weir. A clinging nappe is one held in contact with the downstream face of a weir.
The profile assumed by water flowing over a weir in a vertical drop.
A large slab of earth's surface that has been moved in a horizontal or near horizontal direction over a plane of separation. This motion can be produced by faulting or sliding. The term is generally used for very large slabs which are many square kilometers or miles in surface area.
A large body of rock that has been moved by gravity, thrust faulting, or any other mechansm some distance from its place of origin.
a large sheet or mass of rock that has been thrust from its original position by earth movements
Sheet; surface; all that portion of a surface that is continuous in such a way that it is possible to pass from any one point of the portion to any other point of the portion without leaving the surface. Thus, some hyperboloids have one nappe, and some have two.