Definitions for "Napa cabbage"
Keywords:  cabbage, celery, chinese, stir, pale
commonly available now in average supermarkets, it is one of the most flexible of all Chinese vegetables, for stir-fry, in soup, as a part of the filling in any pot stickers or however you’d like to prepare it according to your imagination. Napa cabbage can also be stored for a long time. A fresh one should be firm, and without tiny black spots on its leaves.
Sui Choy, Chinese, Peking, or Celery Cabbage
The large, generally close packed, very pale to green heads of an oriental brassica Brassica rapa var. pekinensis but loose-leaved varieties are available. Grown widely, they originated in China, have a mild flavour and are often pickled. Used in stir fries (also called Chinese cabbage, Nappa cabbage, Shantung cabbage, Korean cabbage, celery cabbage, Beijing cabbage).