Definitions for "Named Pipes"
Keywords:  interprocess, ipc, netbios, api, pipe
An interprocess communication mechanism that is implemented as a file system service, allowing programs to be modified to run on it without using a proprietary application programming interface (API). Named pipes were developed to support more robust client/server communications than those allows by the simple Network Basic Input/Output System (NetBIOS).
An interprocess communication (IPC) method used to transfer data between separate processes, usually on separate computers. An administrator can set permissions on named pipes.
Program-to-program protocol originally developed within Microsoft OS/2 LAN Manager 2 and has made its way into Windows Server operating systems. Acts as an alternative to NetBIOS and extends interprocess communications across the network. The Named Pipes API supports intra- and inter-machine process-to-process communications. Supported within IBM’s OS/2 too. See also Pipe.