Definitions for "Name"
Reputed character; reputation, good or bad; estimation; fame; especially, illustrious character or fame; honorable estimation; distinction.
Names of North American Thoroughbreds are registered by The Jockey Club. They can be no longer than 18 characters, including punctuation and spaces. The words "the," "and," "by," "for," "in" and "a" are almost always lower case unless they are the first word in the name. Examples "Love You by Heart," "Go for Wand" and "Strike the Gold."
From OWL Web Ontology Language Guide ( 2004-02-10) as in XML Namespaces
The title by which any person or thing is known or designated; a distinctive specific appellation, whether of an individual or a class.
A descriptive or qualifying appellation given to a person or thing, on account of a character or acts.
To give a distinctive name or appellation to; to entitle; to denominate; to style; to call.
a call and a destiny
an expression of a being's place in the universe-it signifies the person's role and activity, his or her destiny, calling and potential
a part of speech signifying because of a modus habitus et quietus , and because of a modus determinate apprehensionis
In the DCE Cell Directory Service, a construct that singles out a particular (directory) object from all other objects. A name must be unambiguous (denote only one object); however, it need not be unique (the only name that unambiguously denotes the object).
In Fortran, a string of up to six alphanumeric characters, the first of which must be alphabetic. Used to identify a constant, a variable, an array, a function, a subroutine, or a common block.
an arbitrary, null-terminated string
An underwriting member at Lloyd's.
Member of a Lloyds syndicate who pledges security for insurance arranged by Lloyds of London insurance underwriters.
An underwriting member of Lloyd's
In the C++ language, commonly referred to as an identifier. However, syntactically, a name can be an identifier, an operator function name, a conversion function name, a destructor name, or a qualified name.
an instantiation of an identifier.
a label by definition
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To mention by name; to utter or publish the name of; to refer to by distinctive title; to mention.
an utterance ( Nomen est vox )
a very important asset and doesn't have to be scientifically correct
The NAME atmospheric pollution dispersion model Air Quality Programme and Progress, Met Office Scientific Advisory Committee (MOSAC), November 11-12, 2004 Met Office "Specialised forecasts" Met Office "NWP Gazette", 3rd Quarter, 1996 Met Office "NWP Gazette", December 2000 was first developed by the UK's Met Office in 1986 after the nuclear accident at Chernobyl, which demonstrated the need for a method that could predict the spread and deposition of radioactive gases or material released into the atmosphere.
as in "the Names of Netjer" or "One of the Names of Netjer" - One of the many different forms in which Netjer can manifest Itself to us. In many books and texts the Names are referred to as "gods" or "goddesses." However, it must be remembered that the religion of Kemet is a monolatry and not polytheistic, and the use of the terms "gods" and "goddesses" sometimes is misleading because it is commonly associated with the polytheistic religions of Greece, Rome, Scandinavia, and other cultures.
a prison, God is free
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a damn good punk band that hails from Sunnyvale, California
"Name" is a single from the Goo Goo Dolls' album, A Boy Named Goo. The song, the band's first hit, topped both the US Modern Rock and the US Mainstream Rock charts, and reached as high as number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. Until the release of Dizzy Up the Girl three years later, "Name" was by far the band's most popular and well known song.
A word or words used to designate (refer to) an organism or a group of organisms. See acceptable name, accepted name, established name, replacement name, scientific name, taxon name.
The name of the LLC must end with the words "LLC", "L.L.C.", "Limited Liability Company" or "Ltd. Liability Co." A name will not be accepted if it is likely to mislead the public. In addition, if the proposed name is the same as, or closely resembles, another limited liability company registered or incorporated in the same state, it will not be accepted. The name of a person may be used as part of the name of the limited liability company. Furthermore, the following words are restricted and therefore should not be included in your name: Incorporated, corporation, corp. or inc. bank trust or trustee cooperative Olympic or Olympiad insurer or insurance company
a mere word and it may seem that one word is as good as another
If you dreamed that you couldn't remember your own name, or that of someone you knew, is a warning against an illicit affair. To be called by the wrong name portends grave difficulties in your personal life.
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Nassi-Schneiderman diagram
The name of the person registered with Terrascend. Please use your full name in this space, such as "Bob Smith" and not just "Bob" or "Smith."
an expression of a person's very essence
a priceless personal possession, yet we are permitted to use it at no cost
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a new business being launched by MCAC member Cyndi Sopenoff
Never * News * Now
a rueful tale of how the idealism of young soldiers is used and betrayed
a rigid designator iff it denotes its reference in all possible worlds
a rigid designator just because it has nonconnotative sense
a short story of mine that tells of alienation and sudden, bloody death - revealing along the way how easy it is to unwittingly cause devastating damage to those we claim to love
an affirmation of one's identity
an intrinsic aspect of human identity
a tool which helps you retain your identity in society and the knowledge of combing the ancient science of astrology and numerology together phonetically is as good as lost
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a foretoken," an ancient Latin proverb
a business' or product's most valuable asset
a particular business' or else product's many valuable asset
a valuable property
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, College of Engineering
An easily understood name for the standard. It should not include jargon specific to a particular discipline such as biology, finance, engineering, etc. However, the name may include terms that are familiar to Service employees such as "Region" or "ecosystem".
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The name of a principal, such as “joe@machine.” Names in the GSS-API are handled through the gss_name_t structure, which is opaque to applications. See also exported name, Mechanism Name (MN), name type, principal.
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Available to the general public, .name email addresses are listed as [email protected] or [email protected]. Web sites are listed as
server A server responsible for translating domain names and IP addresses.
see also: address The Name Myth in [WebDesign96
Refer to the address or addresses of a website.
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Adding a Workgroup
This is intended for the use of individuals web sites. It was delegated to Global Name Registry.
Individual / Personal, The .name domain is reserved for individuals and is operated by Global Name Registry
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le nom Your name and where you're from
a special part of the creation process it needs to reflect the same value and mood that I used to create the piece
The name that is specific to an instance of a widget for a given client. This name is specified at creation time and cannot be modified.
To designate by name or specifically for any purpose; to nominate; to specify; to appoint; as, to name a day for the wedding; to name someone as ambassador.
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the common name of a trick. See also officil name.
a commitment to stand for something, and deliver on that promise
an example of Sony's commitment to positioning its products and solutions at the forefront of the growing IP communications market
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a natural, living cavern
a specific arrangement of different frequency patterns, much like a tune is comprised of various notes strung together in harmony
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a gift, she said
a precious gift
a special gift given to the baby
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Source: ZEN] name resolution
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a vital part of who we are and how we see ourselves
a much more concise means of expressing this relationship which does not involve the same level of maintenance and trouble
a intriguing industry and studying more about it is extremely advantageous
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a source of pride for most people
an lvalue of one of three storage classes (automatic, external and internal)
To designate (a member) by name, as the Speaker does by way of reprimand.
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The Name of The Lord.
Keywords:  melody, vibration
a melody, a vibration
a magic key to a whole new world of understanding
a way of making an unknown service or product simple to understand
Identification tag for Objects used in the Options Manager. Required.
a mark of identification
a specific identification of a machine, a user, or an application
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a genre in itself
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an entity on which a career hangs
A name is a construct that stands for an entity: it is said that the name denotes the entity, and that the entity is the meaning of the name. See also declaration, prefix.
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The description given to a file, folder, printer or PC on a network. If you want to change the name of folder in Windows 95, move the pointer over the name and click once. Wait a couple of seconds and you'll be able to type a new name.
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an alias for an IP number
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A cell can have a name as well as a cell reference
verb, to give a name to; to refer by name, to cite
Title given to a resource or initiative by the parent organisation
a message to a child of the parents' values
Title given to an initiative by the parent organisation
a legacy, bearing both family and cultural connections
One of seven new top-level domain names approved in 2000 by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), .name is meant for registration by individuals for personal Web sites. The seven new domain names became available for use in the spring of 2001.
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Those of a certain name; a race; a family.
To enter a horse in a race.
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a very important part of your brand assets, especially on the web
a very important start from the womb and we have to be be careful how we mark our children
The name of a boundary or infrastructure feature.
a means of selecting an object
Building command to assign a name to an object so that it can be referenced by an action on another object
name or title of an object
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a big enough advertisement in itself
an instrument of teaching and of distinguishing natures
a feeling, a sensation, a positive experience
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The name of the radio button group
Keywords:  social, tool
a social tool
Keywords:  formal, variable
A formal name for a variable.
Keywords:  street, building, located
Name Name of the street where the building is located.
Generic top-level domain reserved exclusively for individuals.
Keywords:  entry, mailing, single, list
Single entry on a mailing list.
Keywords:  wave, water
Wave (of water)
Keywords:  whereby, kind, face, known, one
a kind of face whereby one is known
Keywords:  extended, element, standard
the name of an extended element. The extended element name must not be the name of any other element in the Standard.
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Details ] [ ] Player's name.
Keywords:  course, game, player, item, refer
All items must have one or more names. These are the names that the player may use to refer to that item during the course of the game.
a pattern of sounds with particular energy associations
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Enter your name.
Keywords:  indicate, good, way
a good way to indicate that
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The name of the Company, Index, Bond or Fund.
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See Key.
Keywords:  owner, property
The name of the property owner(s).
Keywords:  describes, calls
That which describes what it calls.
Keywords:  type, property
a property of a type