Definitions for "Myriad"
The number of ten thousand; ten thousand persons or things.
An immense number; a very great many; an indefinitely large number.
Consisting of a very great, but indefinite, number; as, myriad stars.
Myriad is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Robert Slimbach (born 1956) and Carol Twombly (born 1959) in the period 1990–92 for Adobe Systems. Myriad is a multiple masters face that works with an intelligent software "engine" to allow the user to generate variations in width and weight by accessing a broad range of stroke widths arranged on individual character rasters.
P Squared Playout and Automation system. A Suite of programs that allow for the live or automated playout of audio content and additional items that make up the output of your radio station.
A myriad is an area 100 km x 100 km square.
Keywords:  stadia, ancient, measurement, unit
Ancient unit of measurement. 1 myriad = 10 000 stadia.