Definitions for "Mycoplasma"
A polymorphic microorganism that is nonmotile and that can be cultivated with difficulty on special media, and that lacks cell wall, being bound only by a unit membrane. The internal components of a mycoplasma are ribosome and DNA strands.
a bacteria-like organism that can cause pneumonia. - Chemical symbol for oxygen.
the smallest free-living microorganisms
Mycoplasma testing detects infection with the organism Mycoplasma hominis. This organism has been linked to infertility. .
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An infectious agent that falls structurally between a virus and a bacterium. Thought to be related to pregnancy loss and perhaps infertility as well. See Ureaplasma.
An organism capable of causing mastitis.
Microscopic organisms found in the phloem of diseased plants and thought to be responsible for certain plant diseases.