Definitions for "MVNO"
A company that provides mobile phone telecoms without owning its own network by buying capacity in bulk and reselling it retail.... more on: MVNO
Mobile Virtual Network Operators; are mobile operators without physical network infrastructure, possessing all systems necessary to provide combined services and roaming to other network operators. May offer subscriptions (SIM-cards) and services to endusers.
A company that provides mobile network services through a contract with a mobile network operator. At the low end of the MVNO range is the company that offers mobile-telephony services through an agreement with a mobile-telephony spectrum owner, with the new entrant controlling the branding, marketing and tariff structure of the offering to customers. At the higher end is the most widely accepted definition of an MVNO: a company with its own network code, issuing its own subscriber identity module cards and controlling elements of network infrastructure, such as the home location register and mobile switching center.
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a system that uses existing towers