Definitions for "MVC"
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(Multi Volume Cartridge) - High capacity tape cartridges that contain images of logical volumes. Typically many logical volumes will be stacked on a single cartridge.
odel iew ontroller In the Forms world, the definition of the user interface, business logic and navigation logic is all contained within the FMB/FMX. MVC is an architecture (or often called a design pattern) in which the implementation for the user interface (view), the business logic (model), and the navigation logic (controller) are implemented separately. The advantage of MVC is that you can develop, for example, different user interfaces (views) ontop of the same business application (model and controller)
Model-View-Controller (MVC) is a software architecture that separates an application's data model, user interface, and control logic into three distinct components so that modifications to one component can be made with minimal impact to the others.
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Minera Valle Central
The architecture for developing systems using Enterprise Java Beans.
Most Valuable Customers. Those customers with the highest actual value to the enterprise -- the ones who do the most business, yield the highest margins, are most willing to collaborate, and tend to be the most loyal. MVCs are those with whom the company probably has the greatest Share of Customer. The objective of an enterprise with respect to its MVCs is retention. See also Below Zeros, Most Growable Customers.
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MVC is a common way of separating applications into parts that interact with each other. Cake does things this way.