Definitions for "Mutilation"
The act of mutilating, or the state of being mutilated; deprivation of a limb or of an essential part.
Causing permanent damage to a persons body, such as cutting off limbs, as punishment for criminal offenses.
a form of permanent damage which is not healed at the end of combat
Keywords:  maiming, degrades, injury, death, human
Mutilation or maiming is an act or physical injury that degrades the appearance or function of the (human) body, usually without causing death.
A term used to describe the physical condition of a bond or coupon where the instrument is no longer considered negotiable. Such missing items as the signature of the authorized officer, the serial number of the instrument, the amount or the payable date would cause the instrument to be considered mutilated. The issuing authority, or its agent, must be contacted to obtain certain documents needed to make the instrument negotiable again.
tearing the skin or otherwise deforming a person's body.