Definitions for "Mutant"
A variant from the normal or wild type that is inherited; the product of mutation.
gene, cell or organism in which a mutation has occurred.
Variant organism that differs from its parent because of mutation.
A mutant is due to the disruption of the subrhabdomeric cisternae which are perforated extensions of the endoplasmic reticulum.(IOmolvis) Mutante Já no segundo a variabilidade é composta por mutantes subótimos e lida com ambientes diversos. (POPrGenoma)
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A being born with physical characteristics or the potential for them that are not possessed by either of its parents.
a lifeform that has a non-trivial genetic difference between itself and its parent or parents
In Marvel comic books, particularly those of the X-Men mythos, a mutant is a human being who is born with genetic modifications that allow for abilities not possessed by regular humans.
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A person whose morphia, anima or psyche is naturally different than human norm. It may be inherited or it may be a unique incident.
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a transformed Humanoid
Mutant is a series of Swedish role-playing games that were developed and published by Target Games.
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See Sport.
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A natural deviation of part of a plant from the normal
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a marked decrease in reduction rate