Definitions for "Mustard"
The name of several cruciferous plants of the genus Brassica (formerly Sinapis), as white mustard (Brassica alba), black mustard (Brassica Nigra), wild mustard or charlock (Brassica Sinapistrum).
A powder or a paste made from the seeds of black or white mustard, used as a condiment and a rubefacient. Taken internally it is stimulant and diuretic, and in large doses is emetic.
Mustard generally contains husked seed, plus wheat flour and turmeric. Water is added to produce a thick paste.
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Mustard is the second solo album by Roy Wood, who also wrote and produced every track and painted the cartoon-style cover. It was completed and released about the same time as he disbanded his group Wizzard. He played all the instruments, and contributed all vocals apart from guest appearances by Annie Haslam, Phil Everly, bassist Rick Price, who had played with him in The Move and Wizzard, and co-engineer Dick Plant.
Rub with waterless hand cleaner and rinse in cold water. OR apply rubbing alcohol. Launder as usual.
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A mustard agent is a blister chemical warfare agent that produces local irritation and damage to the skin and mucous membranes, pain and injury to the eyes, reddening and blistering of the skin, and when inhaled, damage to the respiratory tract.[52
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Mustard contains ingredients which improve digestion and bowel function.
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Whatever kind of mustard, this signifies good news.