Definitions for "Muslim"
Keywords:  islam, allah, moslem, koran, mohammed
See Moslem.
A believer in the religion of Islam.
Adherent of the religion founded by Prophet Mohammed in the year 610.
a brother of another, and he should neither do injustice to him nor betray him
a sister or brother who sincerely attempts to do so
Keywords:  fascist, swine
a swine-fascist
Keywords:  hellenism, mugged, christian
a Christian who has been mugged by Hellenism
a dignified person, but he/she is humble
a person who must do his/her best to avoid bad relations with any person whosoever he/she may be
a person who tries to have good relations with every one as much as possible
Keywords:  maslim, unto, mirror, another
a mirror unto another Maslim
Keywords:  sahih, hadith, collection, called
There is also a collection of Hadith called Sahih Muslim
Keywords:  advice, citizen, duty, entire, world
an international citizen who considers that it is his duty to give advice to the entire world