Definitions for "Mushroom"
An edible fungus (Agaricus campestris), having a white stalk which bears a convex or oven flattish expanded portion called the pileus. This is whitish and silky or somewhat scaly above, and bears on the under side radiating gills which are at first flesh-colored, but gradually become brown. The plant grows in rich pastures and is proverbial for rapidity of growth and shortness of duration. It has a pleasant smell, and is largely used as food. It is also cultivated from spawn.
Any large fungus developing a visible fruiting body with a stem and cap, usu. of the basidiomycetes;
one of the genus Agaricus; a toadstool. Several species are edible; but many are very poisonous. The term mushroom is used most often for edible varieties, the poisonous ones being termed toadstools or other names. But this distinction is often ignored.
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a set of bingo displays with a mushroom shape. Customers sit arounf the mushroom when they play.
A name for a display of bingo displays, usually it has six to eight positions for players.
A mechanical device, which allows 6 to 8 people to sit around it and play Bingo against each other.
A descriptive term for a soft point, hollow point or special type of bullet point that is designed to expand to increased sectional diameter.
When the tip overhangs the ferrule due to bad shaping of the tip, or repeated forceful contact when striking the cueball.
When a hollow point bullet is fired into a fluid the metal folds out, increasing the diameter of the bullet, and looks from the side like the shape of a mushroom.
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Goochi, Dingri.
To see mushrooms in your dreams, denotes unhealthy desires, and unwise haste in amassing wealth, as it may vanish in law suits and vain pleasures. To eat them, signifies humiliation and disgraceful love. For a young woman to dream of them, foretells her defiance of propriety in her pursuit of foolish pleasures.
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Mushroom is a song by the krautrock band Can, on their 1971 album Tago Mago. The track lasts for 4 minutes and 8 seconds, which is relatively short by Can's standards. A video was made for the track which has been shown on MTV.
Extension of fire on upper floors due to pent-up heat which reaches the upper parts of the building through unprotected openings and is denied efficient means of escape unless ventilation is speedily and properly conducted by firefighters.
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One who rises suddenly from a low condition in life; an upstart.
a large cloud of rubble and dust shaped like a mushroom and rising into the sky after an explosion (especially of a nuclear bomb)
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Of or pertaining to mushrooms; as, mushroom catchup.
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School canteen
Resembling mushrooms in rapidity of growth and shortness of duration; short-lived; ephemerial; as, mushroom cities.
Slang], a thunderstorm with a well-defined anvil rollover, and thus having a visual appearance resembling a mushroom.
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A mushroom in your cup suggests a temporary or permanent move out of town into country. Page Top Nail A nail indicates inequality or bias of some kind.
an upright tuft of close millefiori or close concentric millefiori canes, tapering at the base and flaring at the top
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pick or gather mushrooms; "We went mushrooming in the Fall"
The train operator's emergency brake control.