Definitions for "Multipoint"
(1) Line or channel connecting more than two different service points. (2) Circuit having points served by three or more switches.
Pertaining or referring to a communications line to which three or more stations are connected. It implies that the line physically extends from one station to another until all are connected. See point to point.
A video connection involving three or more sites. On the IVN, all multipoint calls are automated, with the network equipment calling each site at a predetermined time. If the end user's equipment is on, the connection will be automatic-they will not have to do anything. However, if the equipment is turned off, the end users will have to contact CMS Video Scheduling, for the phone number of their bridge port, and manually dial into the call.
a geometry collection composed of Point elements
a one-dimensional geometry object
a zero-dimensional geometry
A term used by network designers to describe network links that have many possible endpoints.
Refers to a communications line (network) that provides a path from one location to many. A cell phone is an example of a multipoint system.