Definitions for "Multimeter "
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the project work as a calculator electronics and electrical problems
An electrical test instrument with the capability to measure voltage, current and resistance.
A peice of test equipment used for measuring voltage, current, resistance, and possibly other electircal quantities and displaying the value in number form.
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a good tool to figure out unknow cable colors
a handy tool, but if you don't understand electronic circuits, learning to use one will take a bit of time
a handy tool when used correctly
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You can use it to test the continuity our dodgy cabling: Set the multimeter to .)))-+ Plug 1 cable into COM and the other into V On the Ethernet cable, connect middle to middle or outside to outside. This should cause a beep. Connect middle to outside. This should be silent.
Multimeter is a simple command line utility that reads values from digital multimeters like Metex 4650CR or ME-11 using the serial interface.
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a good help for the job