Definitions for "Mullet"
a hair cut, short in the front and long in the back
a hairdoo that is long in the back but short in the front and the top
a hairstyle characterized by the hair cut short in front and on the sides but kept long down the back
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A star, usually five pointed and pierced; -- when used as a difference it indicates the third son.
A five-pointed star, representative of a knight's spur.
A star shaped figure with five straight but tapering points, and (usually) no centre hole. ( See also SPUR REVEL, SPUR ROWEL, and STAR ).
Any one of numerous fishes of the genus Mugil; -- called also gray mullets. They are found on the coasts of both continents, and are highly esteemed as food. Among the most valuable species are Mugil capito of Europe, and Mugil cephalus which occurs both on the European and American coasts.
Any species of the genus Mullus, or family Mullidæ; called also red mullet, and surmullet, esp. the plain surmullet (Mullus barbatus), and the striped surmullet (Mullus surmulletus) of Southern Europe. The former is the mullet of the Romans. It is noted for the brilliancy of its colors. See Surmullet.
highly valued lean flesh of marine or freshwater mullet
Ordinary citizens who under a representative form of democracy are represented by leges. Opposite: "Redfish": the elite, politicians or anyone who is "better" than the lowly mullet.
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Hairdo best described by the following phrase: "Business in the front, party in the back." Made popular by those born under noteworthy Saturn-Pluto oppositions or squares.
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Small pinchers for curling the hair.
a hair cut that is short all the way round except the back
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A type of wagon, see Borail for details.
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a very powerful thing in New York City