Definitions for "Muffin "
Keywords:  bread, cake, baked, breakfast, yeast
A light, spongy, cylindrical cake, used for breakfast and tea.
a sweet quick bread baked in a cup-shaped pan
a curious creature," writes Peter Reinhart, in "Brother Juniper's Bread Book
All things pertaining to extreme teenage-hood. Individual character descriptions of those in a group of friends. No two muffins are exactly the same. Usually preceeded by a adjective. Examples: The Genetic Muffin, Jekyll and Muffin, Crumbling Cranberry Muffin, The Anti Muffin, Half of a Siamese Muffin, The Ouji-Morning Glory Muffin. Origin: Little Red's vignette.
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Muffin is a filtering proxy server for the World Wide Web written entirely in Java and therefore requires JDK
Keywords:  staple, diet, western, food, form
A form of food which is the staple of the Western diet.