Definitions for "Muff"
Keywords:  fur, cylinder, cold, warm, winter
A soft cover of cylindrical form, usually of fur, worn by women to shield the hands from cold.
A short hollow cylinder surrounding an object, as a pipe.
A blown cylinder of glass which is afterward flattened out to make a sheet.
A failure to hold a ball when once in the hands.
To handle awkwardly; to fumble; to fail to hold, as a ball, in catching it.
(sports) dropping the ball
a cluster of feather resembling a beard under a fowl's beak. Also refers to fighting a stag or cock with sparring muffs covering their natural spurs.
The feathers (always found in association with a beard) sticking out from both sides of the face, under the beak, of such breeds as Ameraucana, Faverolle, and Houdan; also called "whiskers."
Keywords:  whitethroat
The whitethroat.
To dream of wearing a muff, denotes that you will be well provided for against the vicissitudes of fortune. For a lover to see his sweetheart wearing a muff, denotes that a worthier man will usurp his place in her affections.
Keywords:  botched, pianist, mess, ruin, dinner
make a mess of, destroy or ruin; "I botched the dinner and we had to eat out"; "the pianist screwed up the difficult passage in the second movement"
Keywords:  hit, shot, golfer, incorrectly, mis
When a golfer incorrectly hits a shot.
To mis-hit a shot.
To hit a shot poorly.
Keywords:  duff, see
See "duff".
Keywords:  mound, bush, venus, diving, fairly
Well, "muff" is appropriately descriptive of the bush as located on the venus mound, that is, female bush. "Muff-diving" is also fairly accurate in description if you consider that you have to dive through the muff to get to the meat-- which is what muff diving really is: cunnilingus.
Keywords:  sponge, splash, nozzle, brush, tip
A sponge or brush around the tip of the nozzle to prevent splash.
Keywords:  stupid, fellow, spirited, poor, person
A stupid fellow; a poor-spirited person.
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Slang for vagina.