Definitions for "MRF"
material recovery facility
Materials Recycling Facility. Pronounced Murf ; Materials Recycling Facility, recyclables are taken there to be sorted and bailed for transportation for processing.
Materials Recycling Facility. A facility for sorting and baling recyclable waste
Acronym for Multiple Reference Frame This is a steady state CFD method that simplifies the flow effects of a transient moving body with a fixed shape in a computer simulation. It is very commonly used for modeling impellers in mixing tanks and rotor/stator turbomachinery interactions for instance.
"Medium Range Forecast" model generated at the National Centers for Environmental Prediction ( NCEP). No longer called the MRF but rather GFS (Global Forecasting System).
(Medium Range Forecast) -- A medium range computer weather prediction model run once a day in Washington, DC and used by meteorologists to forecast the weather.
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Stands for "Markof random field." [Just for completeness. -- rgr, 4-Sep-97.
markov random field
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multipoint RF transceiver
monoclonal rheumatoid factor
Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Differentiates the local show from other faires held across the U.S.
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Major Review Facilitator