Definitions for "mpp "
Massively Parallel Processor. A parallel computer that employs a scalable architecture that can scale to hundreds if not thousands of processors. Due to the bandwidth limitations of shared-memory architectures, MPP machines are almost always based on a distributed-memory, message-passing architecture.
A high-performance computing (HPC) architecture that uses dozens, hundreds or even thousands of processors operating in parallel. Specifically, 32 or more processors. See HPC and supercomputer.
Maternity Pay Period during which SMP is payable.
maximum power point. The point on the current-voltage (I-V) curve of a module under illumination, where the product of current and voltage is maximum. [UL 1703] For a typical silicon cell panel, this is about 17 volts for a 36 cell configuration.
See Multichannel Point-to-Point protocol.
Multichannel Point-to-Point protocol. A protocol developed by Ascend Communications which is similar to PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) but operable over multiple network channels in an inverse multiplexed scenario.
Median pronotal process. In Membracidae (horned treehoppers), the pronotum extends posteriorly as a long spine-like process.
Message Processing Program. An online program in an IMS environment.
See Mail Processing Plant. (ETC)
mpp is a GUI frontend to the backend programs built by the Snowblind Alliance for Eiger Labs F10 and F20 MPMAN MP3 players. The GUI provides similar functionality to the Windows software supplied with the unit.
Minimum Premium Plan. An arrangement under which an insurance carrier will, for a fee, handle the administration of claims and insure against large claims for a self-insured group.
Minimum price programme
Milestone Payment Plan.
See Multi-phase pinned.
Multi-pinned-phase operation. A mode that reduces the rate of dark current generation by a factor of 20 or more, relaxing CCD cooling requirements to the level where a thermoelectric cooler is sufficient for most applications. Also called inverted operation.
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Master Project Plan
Master in Public Policy
Master Patch Panel SBSU Slave Bus Switching unit
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see Mailer's Permit Postmark.
The Maryland Pharmacy Program assures eligible Maryland residents access to maintenance drugs to treat chronic conditions. (800-226-2142)
Microsoft Project project file (filename extension).
MS Project File or CAD Drawing File
Mortgage payment protection. An insurance designed to pay your monthly mortgage for a limited period (usually a year) if you are unable to work through illness, disability or redundancy."
Dictionary of Color source P: artist and structural pigments
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Used to bond 2 64k B channels into a single 128k ISDN line
Marginal Physical Product. The additional physical product resulting from the use of an additional unit of input. May be termed Marginal Product.
Material Protection Products