Definitions for "MPL"
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masculine plural[ edit] - neuter (word gender)
masculine plural[ edit] – of neuter gender
athematical rogramming anguage.
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Model Programming Language, a representation of models for Livingstone using Lisp syntax. Many model builders are not comfortable with Lisp syntax, and so resist its use. See also JMPL and XMPL.
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IgM phospholipid units
Medial patellar luxation: A disease of the knee.
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Maricor Properties Ltd
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Mars Polar Lander
Mozilla Public License
Metatropolis Public Liason
Part of IBM's SP Parallel Operating Environment. Designed to provide a simple and efficient set of well understood operations for coordination and communication among processors in a parallel application. See Parallel Operating Environment.
Message Passing Library developed by IBM, a precursor of MPI for the RS/6000 and SP architectures.
Minimum Participating Levels
Maximum Probable Loss. This refers to the maximum value of a loss under realistic circumstances in which, for example, various fire protection and suppression systems extinguished a fire before additional damaged could be done.
maximum permissible level. Level, usually a combination of time and concentration, beyond which any exposure of humans to a chemical or physical agent in their immediate environment is unsafe RT maximum allowable concentration
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mandatory parts list