Definitions for "Movements"
The movements is the name given to the collective body of sacred dances that were collected or authored by G. I. Gurdjieff and taught to his students as part of the work of self observation and self study the aim of which was development of a stable subjective and then objective consciousness in the being of his students under his direction, which is in many ways similar to natya yoga of Bharatanatyam or Odissi.
Keywords:  tilt, shift, swing, focus, converging
Large format camera movements to help focus, shape, composition or converging angles (swing, shift & tilt) . (see Camera movements& Converging angles)
The adjustments a view camera can make: tilt, shift, swing, rise and fall. Typically used to adjust plane of focus, distortion and perspective.
Refers to a historical or cultural period when certain styles became prevalent.
movement of animals in meeting their daily and seasonal requirements.